Sa 25ACT F500 State TitleGoulburn Speedway, NSW2nd Place
Sa 1Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 1Western Speedway, Hamilton, VIC3rd Place
Sa 15Vic F500 - TBAAvalon Raceway, VICRained Out
Su 16Day ShowSungold Stadium Premier Speedway, VICDid not Race
Sa 22Formula 500 King of the BridgeMurray Bridge Speedway, SARained Out
Sa 29Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 2Sonic Speedway, Swan Hill, VICDNF
Sa 6Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 3Simpson Speedway, VIC1st
Sa 20Vic F500 - Jack Willsher CupSungold Stadium Premier Speedway, VICDNF
Sa 27Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 1Western Speedway, Hamilton, VIC3rd
Mo 29Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 2/StoneypointDarlington, VIC2nd
Tu 30Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 3Southern 500 Speedway, Portland, VIC7th (From back of B Main)
Th 1Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 4Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway, VIC1st
Sa 3Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 5Simpson Speedway, VICQual P1 - Rained Out
Su 4Vic F500 _ Speedweek Series Rd 6Laang Speedway, VIC15
Sa 10Victorian Formula 500 State TitleLaang Speedway, VICRained Out
Sa 17Vic F500 - Simvegas NationalsSimpson Speedway, VIC5th
Sa 31Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 4Wangaratta Speedway, VICDNF (Broken Fuel Fitting)
Sa 7Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 5Borderline Speedway, SA1st
Sa 14SA F500 TitleMurray Bridge Speedway, SA2nd
Sa 21Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 6Laang Speedway, VIC6th, 1st in heats then washed out.
Sa 14Avalon RacewaySprintcar DriveExperience
Sa 21Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 7Redline Speedway (Ballarat), VIC1st
Sa 11Vic F500 - Jettco Rd 2Simpson Speedway, VIC2nd
Sa 25Vic F500 - Victorian TitleWestern Speedway, Hamilton, VICDNR (Wheather)
Sa 2Vic F500 - Stampede Series Rd 8Blue Ribbon Raceway (Horsham), VIC5th
Sa 9Vic F500 - Jettco Rd 3Darlington, VICDNR (Wheather)